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Edwin Fischer, pianist & conductor

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Here are four collections, showing the versatility of this remarkable artist.

Volume 1: Mozart Symphony No. 33, the Ricercare a 6 from Bach's Musical Offering, the Air from the 3rd Orchestral Suite & 5 movements from Mozart's Serenade No. 10

Volume 2: Haydn Symphony No. 104, a Concerto grosso by dell'Abaco & Beethoven's Grosse Fuge in Weingartner's arrangement.

Volume 3: Brahms - Piano Quartet in G minor & 4 solo pieces.

Volume 4: Bach's 2nd Brandenburg Concerto, a Prelude and Fugue arranged by Fischer & a Mozart Contredanse.

In regard to Volume 3 (Brahms), a gentleman has very kindly pointed out that there are two 4th movements for the Piano Quartet (track 4). I will need to investigate & report back. In the meantime, APR have issued these recordings, and I am awaiting delivery of my copy. It may be that their version is better, in which case I will take this version down in due course.

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Aug 18, 2022

there are 2 versions of the Brahms piano quartet's 4th movement. not mentioned in the text doc as to what editing was done to this versus any of the other movements. can you please explain?


Jul 05, 2021

Edwin Fischer Brahms available on EMI (Japan)

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