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My new blog

For the past 10 years, I have operated a website devoted to historic recordings of classical music ( ). As this is becoming very time-consuming, I am running it down & replacing it with this blog, on which I will post freely-downloadable recordings from time to time.

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Yuri Fayer conducts "The Sleeping Beauty"

This recording with the Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra seems to date from the mid-50s. Ben Cutler lent me his copy of Colosseum CRLP 10081 / 82 and Alan Bunting made the transfer to CD. As with early recor

Sibelius broadcasts from Hannikainen

This is a recent release by the UK Sibelius Society, which I helped to prepare. Sunday 13th June 1954 Symphony No. 3, Six Songs Op. 88 (orch. Jalas & sung by Ellabelle Davis) & Night Ride & Sunrise. 2


Jun 16, 2019

Wishing you all the best for your new blog !


Jun 15, 2019

Swoboda... Do you have any of those old 10" Musical Masterpiece Society mail-order LPs? Or Music Treasures of the World? I belonged to all those "clubs" when I was a kid.

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